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A Daughters Love

Posted on August 28, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (3)

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe a daughters love for her father, especially my love for my father.  My father is a man that came into my life when I was two years old, yep, society would say he's my stepfather, but that word never comes out of his or my mouth.  He met my mother when they were in high school, him being from Starks, La. and my mother from New Orleans, La. was a comical union. He told me, she was his soulmate, they dated for a little while and then he went to the army. He said they wrote each other but the long distance put a strain on their relationship and they didn't see each other for four years. It was during that time, my mother went on to date my biological father and conceived me. After doing his four year term in the military he returned home to Starks, La. 

My father stated that he tried to go on with his life, dating other women and finally getting engaged. One day, he decided to go to a club in Dequincy, La. and there is where his life as he knew it changed.  While at the club, there walks in his first love, my mother had come in town to visit relatives for the summer.  My dad stated his jaw just dropped, he wanted to go and grab her but was too cool for that, and besides, she broke his heart and he wanted her to know he was over it...But he wasn't.  Finally, after watching her for awhile, he decided to let her see him and that would lead to 48 years of marriage. My father came into my life and always showed and showered me with love. He was there for me throughout all of my adolescent changes, my puberty stages and my adulthood.  This man has been my heartbeat. 

I have so many good memories about this man, that I would be writing all day, probably have a novel by the time I would finish. My father showed me integrity, he gave me morals and values, he taught me what unconditionally love meant and he taught me how to walk in a Godly manner.  I was 12 years old when my dad taught me to drive and from that time on, he and I connected with a bond that was inseparable.  He would talk to me about life and how to be careful of my choices, how to measure a man by his character not his substance. He made sure I knew how a man should treat a woman and never allow yourself to be subject to abuse. When I got married, even though I knew who my biological father was, it was my heartbeat that walked me down the aisle.

I still remember our dance and him telling my husband, if you can't take care of her send her back home, and that's exactly where I came,15 years later.  While I was married to my husband, we had two sons, of which with my first pregnancy, my dad walked with me everyday during my last trimester. Those where some very touching moments, and I even wanted my dad to be in the delivery room. My dad has been my motivation in every area of my life, from marriage, to childbearing, to careers, he is my rock.  Throughout the years my dad has battled emphysema, an aneurysm and now copd (Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disorder) and now this strong man that always made things better, is battling for his life. How can you deal with the turn of tables and time, how do I make him feel better, how do I return all the kissed bobo's and it will be alright moments, and most of all, how can I come to terms of letting him go when time comes.

Seeing him go from this vibrant man that loved life, God, family and friends to;

The machines, doctors and nurses asking our family, what is it we would like to do, this is where faith kicks in. 

My dad paved the way for me in my walk of faith and it is in this time, I've generated the power to tell that enemy to flee.  It is by Jesus stripes we are healed, for God's mercy endureth forever. I will not bow down to the tricks of the enemy and I will not faint. For if God is for us, who can be against us. Now, daddy in Jesus Name...Rise

Yes, the power of prayer, this is how you return all of the love that our parents give us, the sacrifices they make to take care of us.  Money can't do it, material things can't do it, but the power of prayer can. It is a daughters love, bending knees, prayer and much faith that saved her father from leaving her too soon. Now I know that we all must leave this earth, but for now, I have him and I will cherish this time, right now.

Poem For My Dad

It is not easy to give all you have away,


Yet you choose to give it to your loved ones each and everyday.


Like the postman you deliver rain, sleet or snow,


You make it possible for your household to keep a steady flow.


Many days we told you to sit back and relax for awhile,


Instead, like the man you are, you would still go that extra mile.


So many say that they are real men and they know just what to do,


But when God made you, the meaning of husband, father and friend, he made it just for you.


You are always there for me, showing me how to be strong,


Walking me through life's hardships and telling me to hold on.


You said that it's not what you possess that makes you the chosen one,


It's who you are within that sets you apart from others and the belief in our Father's son.


Thank you for being that shining light that guides me in the night,


And may God continue to bless you for doing that thing called "Dad" and doing the damn thing right. 


God Loved Him More

I prayed and prayed that my father would live to see many more years, felt like I was smothering from the mucus that was enlarged in my throat. I just couldn't understand why this man that loved life, his family and God so much, left us so suddenly. You see, this man was truly my strength. There were never gray skies when he was around, he made sure we understood that God was the head of our life and with him, we could do all things.  My father always kept a smile on his face, and never did I hear him complain about anything, not saying that he didn't have troubles or setbacks, but he just went through them with the strength that was inside him.  

I thought he was getting better, he assured me that all was well, and in my mind, I thought he meant, he was okay.  I watched him, watching me, looking at me with his ever so radiant smile and calm demeanor, not knowing that he would be leaving us soon. Not once did he let us know of the cancer becoming larger and spreading, or even if he was in pain, just a smile and his smooth walk around the house.  Then, he was gone, resting in my mother's arms.  He said his final goodbye's, kissed my mother and told her he loved her, pointed towards heaven, said his prayers, closed his eyes and then went on to glory.  

Now, the holidays are upon us, and the sadness of his passing is becoming a battle of my spirit, for I know what my father wanted me to do, and that is to be strong for my mother, sister and brother, but the pain of his absence is overwhelming to me now. I know God doesn't make mistakes but I just wish he would have given me more time with my father.  I wanted him to see my sons' children, and the prosperity of all the long hours he prayed for me through my endeavors to become successful in my career. I know God doesn't make mistakes, but how could a man this wonderful only have seventy-one years on this earth. This was my battle, and then it came to me, God loved him more.  You see, because of the love he showed to others and the love he had for God, the Heavenly Father rewarded him by taking him home before he would let him suffer from the pain of chemotherapy or any other device or medicine. 

Though it hurts, I am able to go on, because I know my father is in a better place, and now he can truly watch over us.  He has left an legacy with us. He has shown us what real agapy love is, unconditional, unselfish and long-suffering.  Family was his life and his prayers and faith will keep us together.  Thank you daddy, for never giving up on us and in return, you will forever live through us.

Teedy's Visit to Holistic EyeCare

Posted on August 5, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

 Who would have known that a visit to the eye doctor would have been so educational.  Well y'all better get over to Dr. Keeley W. Verrett, Intergrated Optometrist at 1838 Louisiana Ave. New Orleans, La. 70115, (504) 510-4120 and get some knowledge. Not only is the place beautiful but the staff is off the chain.  Once you enter, you are greeted with hospitality by the beautiful receptionist, Miera Moore, who keeps you charmed and informed, the clientele are just as friendly and with that being said, it is only right that the Doc is tight.  Yessss honey, the beautiful and fly, Dr. Keeley W. Verrett is there to get your eyes right to sight.  I must say, you would have thought I had gone to the dentist  the way I keep smiling.  It was so enlightening, to see an African, American, female doctor, doing her thing.

During my visit, I didn't just learn that my vitals were fine, but that my behind was blind, can we say 20/40 and in need of bifocals.  That's okay, I know you know, even with the specs, Teedy will still be flossing. The educational part of my visit is called, Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health. In this reading, I learned that I needed to put more Alkaline in my body to support my pancreas and my liver, all of this knowledge with an eye exam.  So the beautiful doc, advised me to get, Green Vibrance Supergreens, from Whole Foods and gave me a list from Electric Foods to eat to replace my body with Alkaline So, now that I have enlightened you guys with all of this information, what are you waiting for, make your appointment , Today!. 

                                                                       MIera Moore, The Beautiful Receptionist

                                                                              My Optometrist Is Better Than Yours                 

How Do You Feel About The Police Brutality

Posted on July 9, 2016 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Good Evening, Thanks for joining in on this topic with me.

Well, first off, before I start ranting, let me say this, I don't believe burning down buildings or trashing the very neighborhoods we live in will solve anything. One way to make a person lose weight is to not feed them. What are you saying Teedy, hit the oppressors where they will feel it...Economically.  I am so tired of the media playing off how we should just abide by the law and everything will be alright. If we just do as the officer ask, maybe, just maybe, our sons and daughters may make it home without incident. Now they have the mindset that we are acting like a bunch of savages because we're mad. Listen, I understand when we say, Black Lives Matter.  It's not a divisonary approach, it's a " I'm Tired Of You Looking Straight At Me But Still You Don't See Me."  Is it that you pretend I'm not there because you know your ancestors have been trying to keep the secret that we are the "Chosen." that there's  pure royalty in my veins. Could it be they are afraid that if the gave back all they stole, we would be back where we were before, Kings and Queens.

Listen, this is crazy, how can we say we love God but not love what he created, go to church and worship but kill our brothers and sisters. I'm no angel but I understand when the bible says that "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son," that means he saw the need for us to be saved. Open up your eyes, this is not no accident, we are at  war with the enemy and if we don't take heed now, we will surely perish. My heart aches for anyone that is shot down like a dog just because of the color of their skin. We shouldn't be afraid to drive or walk or stand or sell or anything that is within our rights to do. But guess what, stop going to the malls, stop participating in sports, stop going to their restaurants or grocery stores, I bet you then we get justice!

Black Lives Matter because it is the Black Lives they think "Don't."

This is your girl "Teedy" of 97.9 FM and KAGY Radio 1510 AM, giving you a lil piece of my mind.

Get back at me with your questions and responses to tonights topic and let me know your feelings!

Remember "It's better to pray for one another, than to prey on one another."