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        Bringing The Real

Teedy's Poetry


To be intimidated is something I could never be,

My tenacity is far stronger than that of envy.

I've traveled many highways with no directions at hand,

Trusting only my inner being and even that is never planned.

See I was taught a long time ago, faith without works is dead, 

That didn't come from me, that's what the Bible said.

Now that you've met me and my inner strength.

Hope you drop by again, because that's my true intent.


                                                                   " Teedy"

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Teedy's face of Strenght

         Black Woman Strong

Believe me when I say, some will say they love you but love is an action word,

Hell the last time I checked, the word love was called a verb.

I don't need you, when all is said and done,

Now you're back to enjoy the ride, now you want to join in the fun.

Around here telling all your friends, that I am because of you,

Better check your records baby, I make it do what it do.

I am armored on a daily basis, from head down to toe,

If fear is what you're looking for, it died a long time ago.

I was born into this world, to endure this thing called, "Life,"

I've weathered many storms, and fought battles with "Strife."

So when you come at me, you would want to think again,

I am the true epitome of "Queen," and in my kingdom, I Reign.

Now, while I close these lyrics to my new fight song,

You can close your mouth and bow to a "Black Woman Strong."

                                                                   " Teedy"

Teedy's Portrait Of Chains Being Broken

    I Demand To Be Free

Here I am with no place to live

and you are laughing at me,

You say this is the land of the free

then why weren't you told to free me.

Can't you see me sitting in the dark,

living under bridges and sleeping in parks.

I have no clothes to wear, no food to eat, my eyes are burning from the tears I weep.

You send money to other countries,

you build up their cities and their streets,

yet you tell me I am a statistic

and there is no money left for me.

I am boy, I am girl, I am woman, I am man,

born in this country, still I have no chance.

I am like milk gone sour with a bitter taste, if utilized before expired it would not have gone to waste.

Please listen to these words very carefully, and understand why I demand to be free;

See I want to live and laugh, love and pray, because when you beat, raped and enslaved my ancestors, the price for my freedom did they pay.

I should not be afraid for my daughters and sons, gone are the plantations, replaced with the badges and guns. For years my people have been fighting for restitution, and I'm still trying to understand why your people aren't locked away in institutions. I mean, isn't it against the law to steal, or that doesn't apply to the so-called chosen, come on, let's keep it real.

Well, it is with great pleasure to be the one to say,

Justice will be served, if not on earth by God on "Judgement Day."


The Chosen

"We Must Stand Strong"

As I look back over my life,

I begin to think about all my strife.

I thought about how it use to be,

When I was a child, a little baby.

I had no cares for food and drink,

Nor did I worry about what people think.

I would just go about with a song to sing,

Thinking of being a princess and marrying a king.

It all seemed so beautiful and so true,

But as I got older that's when I knew.

Life is not at all what I thought,

I had to face reality, I was caught.

Caught in what was known as make believe,

Trapped emotionless, I've been deceived.

Surrounded by sounds of thunder and rain,

Why can't I feel the  sunshine or hear laughter to ease my pain?

I know there is a God, I pray everyday

But the enemy is always trying to make me go astray.

Why me Lord, why me?

Please help me get pass the clouds so I can see.

Open up the windows of heaven for your child,

Let me enjoy life, if only for a little while.

Put your arms around me and hold me tight,

Tell me God it will be alright,

Is that you God talking to me,

Yes, I hear you, can that really be?

You mean this will last only for a season,

That my time will come, I'll have a reason.

A reason to sing, shout and dance too,

That I'm your chosen and I must be a witness for you.

Okay, God, you're in charge and have your will,

Place your armour around me and this flesh you must kill.

I'll be your soldier and with faith I'll slaughter sin,

With you as my captain, my destiny is to win.

Sound the trumpets, for this battle I will endure,

And when the war is over, heaven bound am I for sure!





I am nothing to be afraid of yet I am feared the most,

I travel throughout the land, traveling coast to coast.

I am something no man can control and all his money

he can not buy, for when I come a calling it will surely

be your time to die.

I am not particular with whom I come to take,

May it be boy or girl, asleep or awake.

When I come a calling some of you won't know,

Vanity will have you not believe that death

knocks at your door.

You will continue on like no debt you have to pay,

Pretending you're in charge of breathing day to day.

While you self indulge on who you think you are,

I'll be keeping count and karma is not that far.

Get your house in order is what I'll say to you,

For once your time is up, there's nothing you can do.

No more time to say I'm sorry or room for regrets,

Your temple will be empty, I've taken your final breath.

For those of you that lives by the words of godly love,

Death will not overtake you, you will transcend to heaven above.


Picture describing choas

   Why Must My People Die   

I'm up all night cause I can't sleep, feeling like a caged bird who can sing but won't cause like the bird I ain't free.

Can somebody tell me why my people must die, to wake up a nation that's sleep in a paralysis coma,

pretending that throughout the years of it's so called, "state of being," it was not their hands that brought destruction amongst us.

Why do they say, " It is our own race that brings about our demise,"

If this is so, then my people better check the when it began and the why's.

Why are we killing our own race, satisfying the lust or anger that enrages our flesh,

giving them satisfaction at their dinner tables as to why there's one less negro to test.

Like my ancestors, my leaders that died before me,

I will not let them label me an animal, cage me and lose to a society.

I must be a voice, united by others and our words will no longer be,

turn the other cheek, change will come, or just you wait and see.

No, not this time will you persuade us to look the other way,

cause we as a people can finally see the dawning of a new day.

The day of tomorrow, where we will join hand with our brothers and sisters to stand,

against the evil forces that for so many years, destroyed our fellow man.

So we serve notice that in this time, while we have regained our senses,

we're tearing down those divided walls and mending those broken fences!



We as a people must never allow ourselves to become what others think.  We are stronger than what we portray and  wiser than they give us credit for!         

Picture describing the childs silence

A Child's Cry

Why should one child suffer for something she knows nothing of,

Why can't she be cuddled or smothered in Godly love?

It's not her fault if daddy decides to creep,

Where is her mother, are you sure she was asleep?

Shh, daddy says not to say a word, it's our secret to keep.

But I can't help myself, the pain is making me weak.

I want to scream because I don't understand,

Is this my father are could this be a strange man?

Mother! Mother! I cry so softly with my lips,

Hoping she would awaken and save me from this hardship.

I looked up towards the ceiling as my eyes begin to cry,

And all I could do was ask the question “why”.

Why Lord, have you forsaken and abandoned thee?

Was I such a bad child, is there something you want me to see?

How long must I endure this cruelty done unto me?

I know what I will do, I'll tell the secret and then he will let me be.

Now there is a knock at the door, I wonder who that could be,

Mother looks at me with her eyes wide open, now she's not asleep.

What have you done, did you call them here my dear?

Now she has words to say, now she has ears that hear.

Come in officers, is what I would say to them,

He's in the kitchen with mom, go and arrest him,

Why are you looking at me as though I did something wrong?

Yes, while they were taking my dad, they took my mother along!


Picture describing a fathers' love


It is not easy to give all you have away,

Yet you choose to give it to your loved ones each and everyday.

Like the postman you deliver rain, sleet or snow,

You make it possible for your household to keep a steady flow.

Many days we told you to sit back and relax for awhile,

Instead, like the man you are, you would still go that extra mile.

So many say that they are real men and they know just what to do,

But when God made you, the meaning of husband, father and friend, he made it just for you.

You are always there for me, showing me how to be strong,

Walking me through life's hardships and telling me to hold on.

You said that it's not what you possess that makes you the chosen one,

It's who you are within that sets you apart from others and the belief in our Father's son.

Thank you for being that shining light that guides me in the night,

And may God continue to bless you for doing that thing called "Dad" and doing the damn thing right. 


Picture describing faith

I get on one knee like I'm ready to walk the isle,

No, I'm not getting married, but I have a few vows.

I never met you, yet this is so special,

always to my rescue, even when I wrestle.

The thought, if I should continue to impress you,

Minds compressed due to the pressure of the pursuit,

Trying to keep my innocence, I swear it's the truth.

When Lucifer get's loose, you're always my masseuse.

You got my back, the impact

of hard times helped me unwrap.

The present of your presence,

For this very reason, I bow down and lift my hand towards Heaven.



Teedy's Holistic Healing Potrait

               Let Me Go

So you say that you love me, then this is the day to show,

do not be selfish and try to keep me here, please let me go.

I have traveled on this journey for many, many years,

I have laughed at many jokes and I have cried my share of tears.

I have raised my daughter and sons to do the best they can,

to be there for each other, to help their fellow man.

Whenever I was needed, you can bet I was there,

helping them with their problems or just lending a listening ear.

I did not promise you that forever here I would stay,

you know that we were all born to travel down this way.

I hope the life I lived has been an example to someone,

and when it is their time to go, fear have they none.

I know that you all love me and are saddened that I am gone,

but God loved me more and that's why he called me home.

So when you kiss me and say your finally goodbye's,

do not think of me as dead, just resting in the sky.

" Teedy"

Picture describing ones ego

My Ego

I thought I was a tyrant that could with stand the pains of the world,

I thought I could just laugh at sorrows as though they were no more.
I thought that I was immune to wiping my eyes from tears,
I even thought I could stop my body from aging throughout the years.
But I was wrong, all so wrong, the pains of the world were whipping me down on a daily basis and laughing at me loudly. 

It laughed so loudly, It awaked me from my slumber and brushed against me abruptly.
Sure, I pretended that It was just a dream, trying to convince myself of this thing that was unseen. 
Why, I could not tell the world that I was afraid of this haunting, 

It would ruin my reputation of being this strong mountain. 

I can not look In the mirror, for I am afraid of what I might see, ugliness, disappointment, failure, even the true me.
I want to run, but there is no where to go, 

I have to defeat this thing or It will devour me for sure.
Stop running from your fears I would tell myself, but It was just a waste of time, see reality would not come down off the shelf.
Always the one giving advice on how to be strong, when I myself can't take the lyrics to my own unhappy song.
Okay, I can do this, It's a piece of cake, now it's time to confront myself, It's time for me to awake.
Wake up, Wake up, and who are you, I told this person I thought
I did not know, the response was a surprise when in the mirror did I see, the person staring back It was my " EGO," it was me!!!


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              "They Say"

They say be strong because weak is wrong, they say open up my mouth and sing my song, they say hide my fear and pain will disappear, "They Say."

They say, beauty is the key to a sheltered life, shielding away the scars of life's ugly strife. They say, educate to articulate then gravitate the mind so it's legacy is great.

They say, if I follow all the rules, master all my tools, demonstrate the moves, I'd be known as "Nobody's Fool."

Stand on my own, childlike behavior be gone, show the world I'm grown, "They Say."

So I followed the advice of the masses, hid my true being in the pastures and became what you hear, Laughter, and no longer standing of morals and statues.

How could I be so simple to follow such an unclean temple, one that does not pray, do not as I do, but as I say.

Hide behind their own limitations, falsifying their low self-esteem with high expectations.

Blind-sided was I when "They Say" had me bound, stole my innocence yesterday, but today, today it was found.

"They Say" will no longer be my voice,

ran it's last lap, ran it's course.

Found in me a "Stallion Strong,"

R.I.P "They Say"... Wisdom Has Found It's Way Home.


You Didn't Know

I know y'all didn't think that "Ask Teedy" could spit'

but you better recognize I can murder this shit.
You think it's by chance that you're rolling with the "Queen"
word up to this crew, I been behind the scene.
Like a masked murderer, I covered up my lines,
but since y'all out here flossing, I think it's bout that time.
Check your pulse because you might need a medic,
"Ask Teedy" spitting out these lines and they're so Copacetic.
Hold up, wait a minute, you mean to tell me you didn't know,
"Ask Teedy" was a lyrics and she has a cold flow.
Like tissue to the nose that shit can be so soft,
But when I'm done, (Next), drop the mic, you're "Offed"