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Welcome to Teedy's Posse, this page is designed to showcase my family and friends, events close to the heart and introductory to my readers that want to showcase their family and events with us.  Here we can bring laughter to others and maybe even bring unity to some.  Here's what you will find on this page; "Teedy's Web of Friends - My readers can send emails with a bio and pictures and I'll post to my site,"  "Teedy's Fallen Angels -Dedicated to loved ones' gone,"  :Especially For - Dedications,"  "That's What Friends are For - Pictures of Friends,"  and  "We Are Family - Pictures of Family."  So, What are you waiting for,


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Teedy's Fallen Angels

Gone But Never Forgotten

Words cannot express the emptiness you feel when you lose a loved one or a friend. It's like a bad dream that you try to wake up from, over and over again. Constantly hoping that if you can just wake up, it would be over and they'll be there, but sadly that's not the case. Personally, I have endured lost by way of murder, Illness and natural causes and out of them all, I would say to lose someone to murder is the hardest. Now, trust me, they all hurt, but to have another person take the life of your loved one, is something, twenty-five plus years, I still can't get over the feeling of rage, of which I know can't bring them back but just the unknowing, is by itself, far more agonizing. I know that we are all born to die, but the pain that we feel when we lose someone just hurts. To my "Fallen Angels," 

I gave you flowers while you lived, I showed you all the love I could give, and when you died, I did not want to wake, because I knew your soul, God did take. Then I had to let you go, but we'll meet again, that I know.

Especially for Marie

Very seldom, you can find someone that loves you unconditionally and no matter the circumstances, they always find time to let you know they love you, Marie Mathieu was that someone. With a heart bigger than any body of water, a tongue sharper than a two-edged sword, ears that heard everything and eyes all around the world, she was and will forever be my "Angel." She spoke her mind, but you always knew the love was real. If she cared about you, you were family, and all who knew her, knows what I'm talking about. She loved her family, especially her granddaughter, Darrineka Mathieu and her grandson, Tyrann (The Honey Badger) Mathieu. Marie was the kind of woman that didn't care about material things, don't believe me, ask her grandson Tyrann that asked her what could he get for her, and her reply was," A Fan." 

I remember countless conversations with her and how she wanted nothing but the best for them. Her love was so strong for others that everyone called her, "Grandma."  I truly loved this woman, she treated me like a daughter and it wasn't anything I wouldn't do for her.  She was also one of the strongest women I have ever met, though confined to her bed for many years, due to a stroke, she kept things moving and never missed a beat on keeping me informed with current events, in other words, what was going on. This woman here knew more about things confined to the bed than I, and I could move around, now you see what I mean when I said ears and eyes, everywhere. She was so much fun to be around, just don't be in her line of fire, because, boy, you would get it. I have so many memories to remember about this caring and loving woman. Thank you Marie, for loving my sons and I, thank you for the wisdom you bestowed upon me, thank you for teaching me to forgive and most of all, thank you, for being you. Rest on, you beautiful soul, until we meet again, love you throughout eternity.

That's What Friends Are For

Friends are very Important, some friends are closer to you than family, but whatever the case, just know, we need them. If you are one of those people that tells yourself, you don't need anyone, I already know your story...Alone.

We Are Family

Family and friends are very important, It is through them, we get our heritage, our morals and values, our trends, swag, attitude and the list go on and on. I have learned throughout the years that sometimes it is family that teaches us our most valuable lessons, some of those lessons can leave you in tears. We need to understand that everyone needs to feel a certain type of belonging, it's like seeking that security blanket that makes you think you're safe from harm as long as it's there. It is my beliefs that many of us would be better people if we had that security blanket. Having worked with the Department of Mental Health for years, I have encountered many individuals that lack social skills and found themselves constantly in trouble with authority. It is with my experience that I realized, Behavioral and Mental Health Disorders are triggered by lack of emotional and mental balance. If you're this person and you are looking for that security blanket, then it is time you get your posse together.  Go out and gather those friends and family that has your best interest at heart. Latch on to the ones that help you achieve your goals, give you the truth when needed and most of all protects you. Look around here, see the smiles, the love, the bounding, this is very important for healthy relationships and positive achievements.  If you would like to be a part of Teedy's Posse, send me your pictures and a short bio and I'll include you to my family and friends gallery... Love has no color!