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Musician, Advertisement, New Orleans LA


Musician, Advertisement, New Orleans La

One must believe in themselves before anyone else can. Never allow others to determine your worth. I am a warrior with many scars, but I never give up. You see, I'm like the Duracell bunny, I just keep going and going. I was taught a long time ago that nothing comes to sleepers except unemployment and you already know, Teedy has to make it do what it does!!!

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Also tune into my channel at ATU Uncensored TV, to see my Live Broadcast.

If you're looking for me... Here I Go! 

"Ask Teedy Uncensored" was formed from the mind of a woman determined to make a difference in the lives of underdogs and up and coming artists. Based in New Orleans, "Ask Teedy Uncensored" is a platform designed for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Musicians and more, to showcase their talents and provide them with other resources, such as; Advertisements, Promotions and Referrals to perfect what it is they have envisioned.

Specializing in Personal and Professional Development, we strive to provide our clients with an understanding, Networking with one another is essential for "Empowerment and Progression."

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