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Teedy's Testimonials

Thank you Teedy, many nights you listened to my hurts and you never made me feel like my pain was unimportant

Kimberly Smith,  Baton Rouge, La.

I always knew you would be a voice to someone because we all know you loves to talk, Lol

Patricia Williams,  Atlanta, Ga.

You're going to help savon't stope a lot of people, d

Mike B. The Grinda, C.E.O of The Backyard Committee,  New Orleans, La.

So proud of you, always have been, Thanks for your vision, 

Pro 29:18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Love you cousin.

Michelle Anderson,  Houston, Tx.

Thank you Teedy, this is awesome. I learned so much from you.  You are an amazing an inspiring woman.

Jacqueline McGee,  Houston, La.

When I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone I knew, I could confide in you and you always put things in a better perspective for me to understand.

Rachel Russell,  New Orleans, La.